To DPS2004,

Merry Spring!

This is for a jam on Glorious Trainwrecks. The criteria was
I made a rogue like, I think that's what you wanted, right?

I posted it on itch rather than somewhere else because I noticed it checks if a new build was uploaded, so you don't have to remove your cookies if I update something.

I spent like two weeks working on the movement and the teleporting effects. I had a hard time thinking about what the game would be. I wanted it to be something really simple, elegant. Last minute, I ended up trying to see how complicated I could make something in a short amount of time.

I came up with most of the gameplay and assets in the past 48 hours or so. I'll probably tinker with this a bit tomorrow and put a "bow" on it so to speak. It's a bit of a Trainwreck right now.

Glorious Trainwrecks Page


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very nice. i've been playing your games for the past few days, there's a very charming quality to them


the sound effects/visuals are just perfect