Just a simple educational game.
This one is for the kids, unlike some of my more adult games.

Even a child could beat it.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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Thanks for playing.

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AuthorsBLA?, April Ghoul
TagsAnime, eucational, Funny, hard, hypertrash, quiz


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: )


How long did it take you to get to this point? :-)


About 2 hours, but now I know your ABC's.


I love this game! I thought it was funny and rewarding. It got me through a brief stressful moment in my life. Two thumbs up! P.S. I was directed here by one of my favorite websites, freeindiega.me


Thank you Anthony Joseph (if that is your name). The website freeindiega.me is a great website! I am glad you are willing to try out new and different games! Sergio, the person who runs it, is great! I am sorry you had stress in your life, these are stressful times.

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Hi IsThisStatic! I am glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for playing! Some answers were funny? Was it good that they were funny? Well, I will try next time to make all of them either not funny or all of them funny. 


easy game for babies. very fun I learned so much

I am glad that you played it and beat it and also left a comment! Do you think that this game should have a speed running aspect, like 13 Moe Hentai Questions? I was thinking that the game was difficult enough as it is and I did not want to discourage people from playing it or like stressing them out. Were you stressed out even if this was for babies?

Well, I am glad that you learned a lot! I see myself as an educator. Secondly, I am a storyteller. Third, I am a film maker. Fourth, I am an artisan. Fifth, I am a real gamer. Hopefully, if you liked this game you will be inspired to do some of these things yourself. I made this game in about an afternoon. It is good to know that in an afternoon you can teach a baby the alphabet and put it to bed with a story at the same time.

Anyways, thanks again!



funny you should mention that. I have the unofficial record in 13 moe hentai questions

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No reason to brag about it! Also, feel free to brag about it. It is an accomplishment to be a game even if it is for a baby.! Most people buy games on Steam and they never beat them. I am sure you have done this, if you are a REAL GAMER like me. It is great that you beat a game that you DIDN'T EVEN PAY FOR. Isn't that magical. Well, if you feel like paying for this game, you can give me $1.23, or, you don't have to give me anything.

Thank you for your descriptive complements. It seems like you give a lot of comments. They are all short and concise. Possibly you will become the Robert Christgau of itch.io! Is there already a Robert Christgau of itch.io? Do you take inspiration from any other game reviewers? I used to really like the blogging cite Destructoid back in the day.

Anyhow, I appreciate you playing and leaving a comment!




Apple (Green)




Entertainer (the joker)

Feline (cat)

Giraffe (brown animal with long neck)



Jester (cartoon)




Nice Apple (with face)


Pachiderm (elephant)

Quokka (brown creature with cute face)

Raspberry Ice Cream



Unabomber (hooded figure)

Vanilla Ice Cream


Xehc (Chex spelled backwards)

Yew (tree)

last one will be the only one left.

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Hm! I guess I should not say if these answers are correct or not. If people know that these are the right answers, then maybe they will cheat. If people think that these are the wrong answers, then people will know that these things don't stand for what they are supposed to. So, I guess I should say, "Maybe some of these are correct, and some of these are incorrect!" That has the biggest level of ambiguity.

~A for April

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I am only at H but I am determined to beat this. I cannot even explain how much I hate this though, but nonetheless I will conquer this hell

I gave up, I just cant.

Thank you for giving this game a go! I really appreciate that you found a game by an indie developer and gave it a try. It is interesting that you are determined to finish it even though you 'hate' it. I am sorry that you hate this game. What is wrong with it? I will try to improve upon these things later developing games, any feedback will be useful!

Anyhow, thanks again and I hope you find it satisfying if you are able to beat it! Thanks again.



The game, it messes with my head, it gets in your brain it just messes with everything. You expect the unexpected for the letters but then are still suprised. Up to Elephant it was fine, then things took a turn. Nobody would expect the tomato to be the picture for the word "fruit", heck, most people dont even know it is a fruit. You think you know what K is, then it turns out that the kangaroo is actually Joey, so then what would K be? It is basically the most intense psychological brain tease in the world. The repeated clicking after you fail gets to the point where you mindlessly blurt the names of each object out loud without knowing it. The anger builds up as you guess with no clue of what letter could possibly be represented by which picture. Guessing it right doesnt ease the pain, it only makes it worse when you figure out what the word was, and realize how stupid you were, then you question on whether you are stupid, or if the game is illogical in what picture was represented by what picture. I spent nearly 30 minutes and could only get to K before I felt my mind slipping.

That is useful! I will take this feedback and make sure to make better games in the future!

Tell me if you ever complete the game. You may have a different perspective at that point, but maybe you won't.